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This policy is a package.  One policy and one minimum premium!  You do not need to buy separate policies for your liability, business property and the products coverage.  If you work out of your home you can probably add this policy to your homeowners insurance and save even more money.

If your pickup is commercially registered and insured, you do not have Personal Injury Protection (PIP).  Say some evening after work you and /or your spouse, maybe a child, jump into it and go pick a pizza.  You will not have medical coverage (PIP) if an accident and injuries happen even if there is a personal auto policy in the household.  Leave this pickup in the driveway!

What is the best way to meet your budget for auto insurance? By decreasing your liability or increasing the collision deductible?  The premium savings for going from a $500 to $750 deductible could very well pay he cost to go from a “minimum liability policy” to being fully covered when you hit the sports car you were staring at.  Which could you afford the additional $250.00 to your deductible or the $1,000.00’s you would pay for the Corvette that you hit.

Probably your biggest investment and not just fire and wind can take this away from you.  Volunteer activities are covered by your personal liability coverage and you can increase this to $1,000,000.00 for probably $8.00 to $20.00 depending upon your current coverage.  Do you want to coach Little League without this protection?

Did you buy enough coverage to meet your mortgage when you purchased the home and now the dwelling coverage is nothing compared to the houses actual replacement value?  In the event of a loss FEMA has the right to say “you are insured for 25% of the replacement value so here is 25% of your claim.”

Every individuals’, families’ and businesses’ needs are different.  You could be a teenager getting his first car, the family adding a teenager or a retired couple looking to be recognized for just how little you actually do drive.  Maybe you are a first time home buyer or a successful couple buying their dream home. Maybe you are retired and looking to move to a smaller home, but, with years of property and memories that you want to insure correctly. Are you starting a business? Or have you been down on your luck with the recession, so, a policy lapse happened and now you are having a hard time finding coverage.  Maybe, you are so successful that we would just have to “Google your name” and we would have all we would need to give you a quote.

Each of these situations is a different situation!  What coverage and which insurance company each should use will be different.  The best insurance for a starter home is not the same that is perfect for a home on millionaire’s row.  The Vidal Agency knows the correct path to take is to find the best coverage that meets your needs.


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Additional insurance coverages that we can help you find include Bonds, Watercraft, Motorcycles, Workers Compensation, Property and General Liability Insurance